Body Treatments



NYC Spa Time Body Wrap (minimizing the appearance of cellulite) 50% off
NYC Spa Time Body Wrap is a blend of special ingredients that are absorbed through your pores into your fat cells. It detoxifies and reduces the size of fat cells, which results in minimizing the appearance of cellulite and toning of the skin. Our special wrap cream helps stimulate the lymphatic circulations that remove toxins and fat through waste. The treatment begins with scrub followed by application of a special detoxifying cream and wrapping in plastic to create acupressure. This process will help circulate the toxins to be filtered through liver and kidneys, promoting inch loss. Price – $120.00 $60.00 – 60 min


Hot Stone Treatment 50% off
Hot Stone Treatment melts away tension and increases circulation and metabolism. It expands blood vessels and encourages better blood flow throughout the body, decreases pain, chronic stress and muscle spasms. This treatment also can increase flexibility in joints and muscles. The stones are heated to about 130 degrees and are placed on specific points in the body. The specialist rubs the stones gently around the body that creates therapeutic benefits. Price – $100.00 $50.00 – 60 min


Deep Cleansing Back Treatment  40% off
Help your back look beautiful, clear, and hydrated. Hard to reach areas are difficult to cleanse. This treatment eliminates bumps, pimples, and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. It includes cleansing, a relaxing rub, exfoliation with steamer and rotary brush system deep pore extractions with spray, ozone and vacuum systems, high-frequency treatment (to help kill bacteria) and a soothing mask. After this treatment your back will be positively clean and healthy. Price – $140.00 – 75 min


Foot treatment  50% off
Warm towels and massage techniques used to clear cellular waste build up and soften tension. Incorporating peppermint and tea tree essential oils to increase circulation and heal the feet from constant use. Price – $60.00 – 45 min.
Add Paraffin – $30.00


Paraffin Dips  50% off
Paraffin Dips a warm, nourishing, moisturizing  paraffin hand or foot treatment, great add on  to any facial or treatment. Paraffin wax soothes joint and muscle pain and moisturizes dry hands and feet, promotes better circulation.
-Citrus with Aloe Vera Paraffin – Hydrating paraffin with Aloe Vera to moisturize skin and essential Citrus oils to uplift and soothe the mind.
-Vanilla Bean Paraffin – Vanilla is known to ease stress while Soybean and Cacao extracts provide a healthy skin glow.
-Pomegranate Berry Paraffin – Enriched with the super antioxidant benefits of Pomegranate and Cranberry extract. Cranberries and Pomegranates are full if phytonutrients and shield skin from oxidative damage that causes premature aging.

Hands – $30.00
Feet – $35.00

Microneedle Therapy
Rejuvenates your skin by using microneedles to deliver the necessary substances directly to deeper skin layers thus
– stimulates production of collagen and elastin to improve the skin’s elasticity, erase wrinkles and stretch marks and smooth scars;
– tightens skin and shrink pores;
– promotes blood circulation, fights alopecia;
– removes skin sagging;
– controls oily skin.

Price – $10.00 – 2 sq. inch
Cupping Treatment (Cellulite & Fat Reduction)
Cupping relieves muscle pain. It improves blood circulation and relieves pain associated with symptoms such as sciatica, back, shoulder, neck, muscles pain, rheumatism.
Price – $60.00 – 30 min