Christine Valmy skin renewal treatment

The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment is a unique salon facial treatment that helps rejuvenate the skin with remarkable improvement to the skin. Superficial lines, “crow’s feet” around the eyes, superficial acne scars and open pores are minimized with this special treatment. Deep expression lines and deep acne scars are softened by the cosmetic peeling as the skin becomes more supple and moist, Reducing the debt visibility of these skin problems. In addition to improving the skin’s texture and irregularities, the skin renewal treatment helps to normalize extreme skin conditions such as dryness, oilless and acne conditions.

The Christine Valmy Skin Renewal Treatment will allow the skin to look younger and healthier. After the treatment, the skin seems clearer, more alive and continues to improve for approximately 8 to 10 months.
The remarkable improvements of the The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment are due to the skins own defense system and to the changes that occur in the skin during the peeling application. The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment will put the skin under stress but without damaging the live cell tissues, as a consequence, the skin will have all that of the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment will allow the skin to:
– Have an increased oxygenation. The blood circulation will be increased threefold. This will bring about a complete cleansing of the skin internally. Proteins and nourishment will be pumped into the cells.
– Form new collagen and elastin fibers. Due to the aging process and genetic conditions, the skin’s elastin and collagen fibers are lost. The only way to force them to improve their resilience is to throw the skin into an emergency situation.
– Minimize fine lines, open pores and superficial scar tissue.
– Even the skin’s color.
– Bring Deep melasma to the surface in order to remove it permanently.
– Stabilize the functioning of the skin. Helps to make an oily skin less oily and dry skin less dry.
– Complete an internal cleansing.
– Fortify fine capillary walls and repair small broken capillaries.

How it works:
The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment Works in the epidermis and exfoliates only two thirds of corneum layer. There is no damage to the live cells.
Biostimulines, Stress-induced substances, are increased in the skin and help the skin become functioning and the collagen and elastic to increase. The biostimulines, together with the increased oxygen level and all the other ingredients that are pumped into the skin from this stress, will show results in the cell function and reproduction, bringing to the surface for months to come plump, moist and beautiful skin cells.

Skin types
The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment is a superficial peel, it can be used on all skin conditions, or color, from darkest to the fairest skin. The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment can be used on acne skin, aging skin and skin that has been damaged by the sun.

For oily skin and acne condition,The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment will help bring the infection to the surface from where it can be treated. The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment removes the lid of dry dead skin and oiliness trapping the infection inside. The skin will start producing less oils and become clearer in time.

For dry skins, The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment jump-starts the skin to function better and be less dry by making the oil glands more active.

The results are always related to the initial skin condition. During the consultation and skin analysis, the technician will explain to the client the results that can be expected.
The results of  The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment are always positive and there is always improvement. This treatment will make ANY skin better than it was before the treatment. The results are timeless. The Christine Valmy Skin renewal treatment is the most successful skin rejuvenation treatment available today.
It is the safest and deepest peel treatment available out in the Esthetic world.