Waxing removes unwanted hair quickly, from any spot you desire. With time and repeated treatments, the hair will become finer and the growth pattern more sparse.

Creme Wax - is extremely effective in removing short, coarse and stubborn hair.

Lavender Creme Wax - is formulated with soothing Lavender Oil that smoothes and conditions skin. Its aromatic blend pleases and calms the senses while being gentle on sensitive skin.

Organic Milk & Honee Wax – is a gentle creamy soft wax suitable for all skin types that is formulated with natural honey and milk extract. Honey extract rejuvenates and hydrates while milk extract contains essential nutrients to soften and condition the skin.

Hemp Wax – Ideal for all skin types. An all purpose wax made with natural waxes and hemp seed oil known for its hydrating properties. For facial or body waxing.

Waxing with hard wax 40% off
Waxing with soft wax 50% off

Original Prices

Waxing Prices Waxing Prices
Eyebrow $12.00 Chest $20.00
Upper Lip $12.00 Stomach $30.00
Lower Lip $12.00 Abdomen $30.00
Chin $12.00 Butt $60.00
Forehead $25.00 Chest and Shoulders $50.00
Full Face $45.00 Neck $50.00
Under Arms $15.00 Upper Back $55.00
Half Arms $30.00 Full Back $70.00
Full Arms $50.00 Bikini $50.00
Full Arms and under Arms $60.00 Brazilian $80.00
Knees $15.00 Toes (each) $3.00
Half Legs $35.00 All Toes $15.00
Full Legs $60.00 Feet $20.00
Full Legs and Bikini $85.00 Feet and Toes $28.00
Full Legs and Brazilian Bikini $125.00 Hand and fingers $25.00

Epilar System: add 20% to waxing treatment cost.